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Here's how to qualify:

The Denver Software Club provides a community where software business professionals can learn new skills, stay on top of industry trends and become more valuable professionals. The following membership qualifications help to make this community possible.

If you or your company can answer 'YES' to the following questions, then you qualify to request membership.

  1. Are you a software product company?
  2. Are you a SaaS company?
  3. If no to the above are you a service provider to the industry that has had numerous software product or SaaS clients and focus on this sector?

Software Memberships

This membership covers executives and managers working in Software or SaaS companies.

  • Individual - $250/year
  • Corporate (less than 200 worldwide employees) - $325/year
  • Corporate (200 or more worldwide employees) - $500/year

Service Provider Memberships

This membership is for companies offering services to Software and SaaS companies. To ensure an environment that is predominately software company focused, the Denver Software Club limits the number of service provider organization members. We encourage you to apply for membership, but acceptance is not guaranteed. The cost is based per below on the number of worldwide employees.

  • 1 Employee - $250/year
  • 2-5 Employees - 375/year
  • 6-25 Employees - $500/year
  • 26-50 Employees - $750/year
  • 50 or More - $1,500/year

Non-Profit/Government/Venture Capital

  • Organizations - $200/year


Fill out the following fields and submit this form. A representative from the Denver Software Club will contact you promptly about your membership request.

*Type of Membership: Individual
Corporate Small
Corporate Large
Service provider
Non-profit/Government/Venture Capital
Number of Individuals in Your Organization:

"It's been good for the community and we've got a tremendous benefit as members!"

Terry Gold,
Gold Systems